‘Two Stunning Awkwards’
‘Moon Bloom’
Kangaroo View
Flamingo Magenta
Inner Spirit

Never Set

Surfers Summer Days

Sunny Surfers Paradise

BrisVegas Goes Pop!

The Wave

The Spiritual Realm


Enter The Frey

Johnny Be Good



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  1. Justin’s photography work captures a moment…a great story at the precise angle.. I also like that its outdoorsy.

    Justin’s art is flamboyant..lively..refreshing

    I feel he knows how to communicate his mind’s eye to us.

  2. Justin’s work is amazing and unique. I love his original designs and creativity . Truly amazing, fantastic talent !

  3. so proud of you justin! new studio and all – your art is so worthy and i know it will only improve given the support that you have around you right now – legitimate future. we love your creativity and persistence and following your dream and purpose. all the best to an awesome soul – following you every step of the way 🙂

  4. Justin,
    Your artwork is amazing. It moves me. Keep up the good work and believe in your ability as an artist.
    Thank you for sharing your artwork.


  5. Wow I love your art. You have amazing talent and it’s so good to see it expressed!

  6. Justin you have such a raw talent – I really should put you in touch with a friend who displays art around West End and Brisbane for various events, I’m sure you’d both get a buzz from meeting!!
    There is some lovely work here – True speaks to me, as do the various story bridge renditions, love your photograph have faith, and I’m smiling at the ghost pic. Bravo!

  7. Very cool works. Lots of diversity of style, intense movement and colour.
    My favourite wld have to be ‘Never Set’. It stands out to me as having a lot of elemental and even pagan themes.impressive stuff, Justin.

  8. Your Artwork is much appreciated Justin thanks for all your beautiful works.
    loving a lot of the cool colours and refreshing designs.
    Great for adding aliveness and mood to any place.


  9. I love your art Justin!! Your amazing!! My fav is the “Mutual Respect” gorgeous just like you my friend. 🙂

  10. Always loved your work mate. When I start designing games i’ll get you to do some graphic artwork for me bruv 🙂

  11. Lovely Art Work Justin! You are doing a great job as an artist and you are going to have a very successful career I am sure 🙂 I’m very interested in the website and can’t wait till you paint a few more paintings as your art work is incredible and really catches my eye 🙂 x

  12. I’ve always admired how bold(dare I say aggressive) your style is – lots of contrast, vibrant pallette, visually active and engaging, emotional… and you still manage to balance your page without losing any intensity (the Chillie is a great example of this). Web development has been busy too I see – navigation is much much smoother and links/thumbs display and function properly. My favorite has to be “Eternal Rest”- the gothic influence is quite flattering applied to your style, I see potential there that’s for sure.

    Congratulations my friend!

  13. Magnificent works of art!! Justin, you are a truely talented young man! They all are amazing paintings… I have a few favourites that have captivated me and they are, Spen and Lucys Mural, TRUE… And Katies Tiger……

  14. I tried to get that lilly one off of Suzie, but she wouldn’t give it up.
    Perhaps pain another and it will get sold at next show…?!

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